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Dental Braces for children in Lucknow

Kids should visit orthodontist as soon as Permanent teeth start coming. Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS  best orthodontist in Lucknow is the best dentist to tell you about which braces to choose for your kids. Malocclusion in children should be corrected as soon as it is detected. Children in mixed dentition stage can wear various myofunctional appliances given by orthodontist which aid in growth of jaws and teeth.

We believe that early treatment is beneficial when needed, and many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that their treatment can be carried out at an early age. A beautiful smile together with straight teeth that function well can have a tremendous effect on children’s self esteem, self confidence and long term dental health. It is a great investment for life.

Orthodontic Masters Lucknow Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS KGMC Best Orthodontist/ Braces Dentist is the Best Dental Clinic in Gomti nagar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh for Invisalign Doctor  dentist for kids and teens.

Metal Braces Dentist In Lucknow

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Metal Braces are the most conventional option. Very popular among children as colorful braces. Needs every month doctor follow ups in dental clinic.

Orthodontic Masters Lucknow best orthodontist or braces dentist from KGMC Lucknow provide best treatment with metal braces. Metal braces or traditional braces are the most common type of braces system used. They are popular with teenagers as they can be brightened up with different colours to make the smile unique. They are made of high-grade stainless steel brackets, which are fixed to your teeth and connected with arch wires.

These shaped metal brackets in connection with the arch wire, which is bent to reflect your “ideal” bite, gently move your teeth into the desired position using pressure. In other words, it reflects the way we want you to look after treatment. The wire threads through the brackets and, as the wire tries to return to its original shape, it applies pressure to move your teeth. Your braces are at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment.

Picture your tooth resting in your jawbone. With pressure on one side from the arch wire, the bone on the other side gives way. The tooth moves and new bone grows in behind.

Orthodontic Masters Lucknow Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS KGMC Best Orthodontist/ Braces Dentist is the Best Dental Clinic in Gomti Nagar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh for dentist for kids and teens.

Ceramic Clear Braces In Lucknow (Traditional)

Ceramic clear braces are tooth colored translucent brackets with white elastic modules. They are less noticeable than metal dental braces. Popular choice for teenagers. Cost effective alternative to self ligating ceramic braces.Needs monthly doctor follow up and dental clinic visits.

Fast Self Ligating Braces In Lucknow

These advanced braces do not require O-rings or elastics. They use a slider mechanism to hold the wire, which allows teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably. Self-Ligating Braces were designed to be comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Without O-rings or elastics, which attract and collect plaque, Self-ligating braces enable you to maintain optimal dental & gum health and hygiene throughout orthodontic treatment.

Both ceramic and metal self ligating brackets available. Good for all ages children and adults. Needs clinic visits once in 2 months.

Fixed Braces Treatment in Lucknow

Orthodontic masters Lucknow provides a wide variety of fixed orthodontic systems for children. These are the most common type of orthodontic braces. Metal braces and tooth colored ceramic braces are available for treatment of children.

The advantages of metal braces are compliance in children and affordability.

Orthodontic Masters Lucknow Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS KGMC Best Orthodontist/ Braces Dentist is the Best dentist for kids braces treatment. Orthodontic Masters Dental Clinic in Gomti nagar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh is the best dental clinic for teeth braces dentist for kids and teens.

Removable Braces Invisalign Teen® Clear Aligners Lucknow

Dr Akhil Agarwal Best Orthodontist Invisalign Dentist for teenagers from KGMC Lucknow. If your child does not like the ugly betty look of braces  then Clear Aligners or Invisalign Teen® Aligners Lucknow takes a modern approach to straightening teeth and smile correction without braces. With a series of clear removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth, Invisalign Teen is comfortable, affordable and effective. Without brackets and wires, you’ll have the confidence of a great smile even during treatment. Each aligner also comes with a small, inconspicuous Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which helps you know if you’re ready for your next set of aligners.

Invisalign Teen has the added advantage that you can continue brushing and flossing the way you normally do. Without fixed braces, it’s easier to maintain better oral hygiene.

Orthodontic Masters Dr Akhil Agarwal Orthodontist Braces Dentist is the Best Dental Clinic in Gomti nagar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Invisalign Doctor for kids and teens.

FAQ- Frequently asked Questions?

1.Who is an Orthodontist ?

Orthodontist are specialist dentist who are trained to treat your malocclusions and irregular teeth. They have specialized 3 years MDS degree in Orthodontics post BDS and they are the Best Dentist for all your braces related queries. when visited at an early stage Orthodontist can correct malocclusion or crooked teeth and give best results. Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS KGMC Lucknow is the best orthodontist in Gomti nagar Lucknow for braces teeth alignment in Lucknow.

2. Why do you need an Orthodontist for your braces treatment?

Straightening of teeth or braces treatment is a specialized treatment and Orthodontist are dentist who have trained for providing braces treatment. general dentists or Pedodontist are not Orthodontist so you should always search and visit Orthodontist for your crooked teeth or malocclusions. Dr Akhil Agarwal is the best Orthodontist in Lucknow to provide all types of braces treatment at his best dental clinic Orthodontic Masters Lucknow.

3. What is the correct age for braces treatment for kids?

Children should visit an orthodontist as early as 7 years of age so that the Orthodontist can check the growth pattern of jaws and teeth eruption pattern in kids. You should see an Orthodontist as soon as see teeth crowding, malalignment, crooked teeth, irregular teeth, gaps, irregular jaw size . Some malocclusions can be corrected at an early stage by giving some myofunctional appliances. Sometimes when you bring your child early to Orthodontist He can do braces treatment without extracting any teeth and give better results. Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS Orthodontist  is best dentist in gomti nagar Lucknow  to provide braces treatment without extraction of teeth .