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Crown and Bridge

Broken teeth, missing teeth, fractured teeth, badly decayed teeth are restored with the help of crown and bridges. At Lucknow dental we beleive in restoring your tooth back in function so that you can eat properly.

In some cases crown and bridges are best suitable for your smile makeover. Crown and bridge treatment are routine procedures that restore your aesthetic and functional needs.

Under the expertise of Lucknow dental clinic you get the best quality treatment for your crown and bridge work.

Dental Crown in Lucknow

when you have a badly decayed teeth which is not able to bear occlusal load then we recommend Dental Crown to cover it. Dental crowns are given after Root canal treatment and permanent build up to protect the teeth.

Dental crown look and function like natural teeth and prolong the life of compromised teeth. At our  Best Dental clinic in Lucknow we provide the best quality crowns with warranty so that it lasts longer.


Dental Bridges in Lucknow

To restore missing teeth Dental Bridge can be used which is made up of several replacement teeth, which will be anchored to adjacent teeth to literally “Bridge” the gap.

Dental bridges are given to patients when you have missing teeth and the supporting teeth are used as pillars to form a bridge. Dental bridges are fixed prosthesis used when a tooth is extracted or lost due to trauma or ehen dental implant is not possible due to bone loss.

The bridges are placed on supporting teeth on each side and fill the gap of missing teeth.It is made of materials that can bear the masticatory load and are also aesthetic.

To secure the bridge, adjacent teeth must be reduced in size by dentist and shaped to support the Bridge. A bridge is normally made up of natural looking material such as Ceramic.

A dental laboratory designs each bridge individually to make it look and feel like natural teeth. Materials Used for Crown and Bridge work There are three types of materials used for making Crown and Bridge work


Porcelain Fused to Metal

As the name suggests it has a metal coping inside and a porcelain coating outside to make it aesthetic. They are widely used and have sufficient strength.

When porcelain is fused to metal when your gum recedes, a black metal line at the rim of the bridge may be visible. Sometimes with use the outer layer of porcelain chips up showing the metal coping.

Full Porcelain Zirconia crowns

these are aesthetic crowns made up single material which is have high aesthetic and strenghth. They are made up of Zirconium Dioxide, a white, powdered metal oxide giving it high strength and aesthetics.

Zirconia is given in cases where the patients needs high aesthetics and durability. They have a very good shade match with natural teeth and have great transluscency.It is incredibly strong, resistant to wear, and difficult to crack.

Advantages of Zirconia crowns:

1. Highly Aesthetic and durable

2. No use of metals So no toxicity or allergy to metals

3. Biocompatible and inert material


E-Max is Lithium Disilicate glass which is also an all ceramic prosthetic option.

It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options, porcelain can be layered on it, creating incredible translucency and a very realistic looking tooth that matches with other natural teeth.

The main advantages are great aethetics and light wight can be great choice for front teeth

What is the Cost of Crown or Bridge ?

The cost of crown depends upon the type of materials used . A PFM Crown may cost anywhere between Rs6000 to Rs 9000 depending upon the quality of materials used and warranty covered for manufacturing.

Zirconia and E-Max crowns are expensive and cost varies upon the materials used and company warranty. In general zirconia or Emax can cost between Rs12000 to Rs 18000 per tooth.

Good companies give replacement warranty card to cover manufacturing defects for 5 to 10 years.

How long will my crown or bridge last?

The life of crown depends upon the type of materials used and the care taken by patient. If you are taking proper care and avoiding very hard foods that crowns can last for 10 to 15 years or longer.

If the supporting tooth gets infeted or is compromised then you may need to replace crown or bridge. Superior quality materials like zirconia have a longer span than PFM crowns.

How do I care for my crown?

Crowns perform just like your natural teeth. While they are very durable, you still need to maintain good dental hygiene and to brush and floss the crown just as you do with your other teeth.

With regular dental check-ups, proper cleaning and the use of remineralisation toothpastes, you will be able to minimise the risk of decay around your dental crown.

What is the procedure for Crown or Bridge work?

The process involves preperation of the teeth for the fixed prosthesis. Once the tooth preperation is done an impression is taken of your teeth and models are made. Then the laboratory makes your crown or bridge with the help of special machines and materials.

The dentists then makes a trial for your crown or bridge and does adjustments according to your occlusion. Once the dentist is satisfied the crown or bridges are fixed with a luting material inside your mouth.