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Root Canal Treatment

Do you have tooth ache that lasts for several hours? Aggrevated pain by taking hot and cold drinks. Swelling in gums around teeth and raised tooth which pains while you eat from that side.

These are all signs and symptoms that there is infection in pulp chamber that needs treatment.

What is Root canal Treatment?

Root Canal space is the term that refers to the natural cavity or space within the center of the tooth. It is made up of the pulp chamber which has blood supply and nerves supply toeach tooth.

When the tooth has decayed and infection reaches the pulp chamber it causes a condition known as Pulpitis, it is this condition that we experience sensitivity and pain. When whole of the pulp chamber is infected and we experience increase in pain at night the condition is known as Cronic Irreversible pulpitis.

If we still neglect the tooth then the infection spreads beyond root canal chamber from periapical area leading to formation of a periapical abscess or granuloma.

In order to restore the tooth back to function the dead necrotic pulpal debris are cleaned inside root canals with the help of special instruments and root canals are disinfected and filled with inert matrials to revent further infection.

This whole procedure of disinfection and treatment of root canal chamber of teeth is known as Root canal treatment.

A succesful root canal treatment followed by restoration saves the tooth from extraction and brings back to its function of chewing food. A crown is later on given on RCT treated teeth for its preservation and long life.

At our  Dental clinic in Lucknow we offer single sitting root canal using motorized instruments which cause least pain and are time saving and convenient.

With motor driven instruments our dental experts can make the procedure very simple and highly convenient. Strict sterilization protocol are followed during each procedure and aseptic cleaning

When is RCT done?

1. Inflammed Teeth

2. Abscess formation or pus discharge around gums.

3. Re-Treatment of previously treated teeth.

4. Surgical Apisectomy

Is Root canal treatment painful?

Root canal treatment procedure is done under local anaesthesis so the patient is comfortable and experiences no pain.

Post treatment some pain killer medicines are prescribed for minor discomfort which is releived after sometime.

As the pulp chamber is cleaned and disinfected there is no nerve supply to the tooth so it is technically dead without sensations.

When should I go for Root canal treatment?

Continous pain, discomfort, swelling of gums spreading in jaw are symptoms that a tooth is infected.

extreme dental pain that wakes you in midnight and increases on lying down are all indications of irreversible chronic pulpitis or pulpal infection. These all indicate that a tooth is badly infected and needs Root canal treatment.


How many sittings are required in Root canal treatment?

Time involved in root canal treatment depends upon the severity of infection and the teeth involves. Single rooted tooth with no periapical lesions can be treated in a Single sitting.

while multiple rooted teeth with priapical lesions require more sittings for pain and infection removal. The skill of your treating doctor also decides the treatment time. We at Lucknow Dental use motorized instruments for efficient results and time saving.

Can Antibiotics treat my tooth pain?

Antibiotics can lower the infection for sometime and releive pain for sometime but long term use of antibiotics should be avoided instead it leads to antibiotic resistance.

So patients should refrain from self medication with antibiotics and take dental consultion for treatment.


Risks Associated with Root canal treatment?

As with any procedure some risks are associated with RCT but in expert hands these are minimal. The most common is seperation ofroot canal file instrument inside the canal of teeth.

The risk is more in patients with curved canals or calcified canals.Tooth Fracture- If the RCT treated teeth is not given crown then sometimes the masticatory forces can cause fracture of RCT treated teeth.


Cost of Root canal Treatment?

Depends upon tooth involves anterior or posterior tooth

Complexity of case like curved canal or calcified canals

Periapical pathology

Retreatment cases

Single sitting root canal or multiple sitting

Anterior RCT- Rs4500

Posterior RCT- Rs 6000-8500

Re-Treatment cases- Rs9000