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Tooth colored fillings/ Cosmetic fillings in Lucknow

Tooth Decay is the most common dental problem faced by patients. When you have a decay in a tooth, cracked teeth, chipped teeth or broken old restoration then your dentist advises you for tooth colored dental fillings. Dental Fillings restore the structural integrity, function and form of teeth.

Depending upon the type of tooth decay the dentist suggests you tooth colored restoration with composite. If the tooth structure loss is very large or more than two cusps are lost then the dentist advises inlays or onlays for your teeth.

Cause of Dental Cavity

  • Decay due to dental caries
  • Enamel loss due to attrition/ abrasion
  • Fracture of old restoration
  • Fracture orchipping of teeth
  • Rampant Caries

Symptoms of Cavity

  • Holes in teeth
  • Blackish Greyish discoloration of teeth with rough surface.
  • Proximal decay seen in x-ray
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet
  • Pain in tooth while biting or chewing

Types of Dental Filling material

Composite/Tooth colored Filling material- It is tooth colored synthetic resin used to fill teeth after removal of carious lesion. The shade is matched and a single appointment is needed.

GIC( Glass Ionomer Cement)- This is used in lesions where there is deep carious lesions involving dentin and close to pulp. It induces dentinal repair and is floride releasing . It is mostly used in dental decay in kids.

Porcelain fillings Inlays and Onlays- Used for large cavities and badly decayed tooth involving more than two cusps.


What are tooth Inlays and Onlays.

When the tooth decay is more than one cusp in molars or there is extensive tooth damage the the dentist may advice you customized inlays or onlays.

They are made up of very hard porcelain material and custom made in laboratories with the help of technicians. Inlays and onlays are durable and conservative options than giving full covering crowns.

Why Do you need tooth fillings?

Our Oral Cavity if filled with various types of micro-organisms which in the presence of saliva and food create acidic products thet leads to dental caries.

With the progression of dental caries there is decay in tooth structure leading to cavity formation. Inorder to stop further decay and restore destroyed tooth structure tooth fillings are done.

Depending upon the type of decay tooth fillings can be composite fillings for moderate sized decay and customized inlays and onlays for larger tooth decay.

What are white fillings/ composite fillings

White fillings or composite fillings aretooth colored restorations that are very strong and durable. Apart from being highly aesthetic they are madeup of resins and silics which makes them strong to bear occlusal forces. They are given in small and medium cavities.

Gone are the days of unaesthetic silver fillings with the advent of composite fillings you get the natural tooth colored fillings which nobody can point out.

What is dental filling procedure?

The procedure of composite fillings involves removal of decayed tooth structure. Then composite filling material is added in layers and cured with special blue light cure machine at specific wavelength.

After builiding your tooth anatomy the filling is adjusted with your occlusion till you have perfect occlusal contacts. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete one filling.

What is the cost of Dental Fillings?

The cost of Dental fillings depends upon the type of materials used the skill of dentist and the amount of your dental decay. The cost may vary from Rs 1500 for small fillings to Rs 5000 for extensive fillings.

We at Lucknow Dental use best quality filling materials imported from Japan and America, from reputed companies like 3M and Detsply for best results.

How long do dental fillings last?

The life of composite filings depends upon the maintenance of good oral hygiene and proper care. It can last longer when your dentist has used high quality dental materials and techniques.

A good filling lasts anywhere between 10 to 15years depending upon yous usage. Sometimes the fillings require replacement if they are cracked or discolored.

We at Lucknow Dental provide the highest quality dental fillings in affordable prices.So book your appointment with Lucknow Dental for best results and satisfaction.