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Invisible Lingual Braces Lucknow

Dr Akhil Agarwal MDS Orthodontics KGMC Lucknow is one of few Orthodontist in India providing Lingual braces. As the name suggests Lingual braces are not visible from outside they are applied on lingual surface of teeth. Dr Akhil Agarwal has built his reputation as a pioneer in the field of lingual braces. Before an orthodontist can offer this treatment option, additional training must be undertaken because the application technique differs from that for conventional braces.

Dr. Akhil Agarwal has done a one year  residency programme in association with Indian Orthodontic Society. With extensive experience in the field of lingual orthodontics, He can provide best treatment option to his adult patients who do not want to show their braces. To live a active social life lingual braces are an invisible option given to patients

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What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces except they are bonded to the back of your teeth, so they are almost invisible.

Lingual braces discreetly move your teeth into the correct position and can transform your face, smile and confidence. Results can be seen quickly, with teeth appearing straighter after only a few weeks.

This type of braces is completely invisible in day-to-day contact with other people.

Many patients find internal lingual braces relatively comfortable as they don’t rub on the inside of the lips as conventional braces can. The treatment is excellent for patients who want undetectable treatment with superior orthodontic results.

Internal lingual braces are suitable for people of any age who are eligible for conventional braces. In some instances patients with a very deep bite may not be a candidate for these braces.

Invisible lingual braces straighten and realign teeth just as well as conventional braces do. However, they work a little differently, which is why additional clinician training is necessary. They are perfect for people wanting a completely hidden orthodontic treatment. Internal lingual braces are undetectable by others because they are attached to the back of the teeth, so they are hidden from view.

Do Lingual Braces Hurt?

Lingual braces just like any other braces take time for you to adjust. The treatment process for invisible lingual braces begins with your orthodontist taking a three-dimensional impression of your teeth. The models formed are used to create individual customised brackets for each tooth and a set of customised wires to move your teeth into the ideal position.

At your next appointment with your orthodontist, your braces will be attached to the back of your teeth. Once the brackets are cemented in place the arch wire is attached; this will gradually move the teeth into place.

It is normal to feel slight discomfort when your braces are first fitted and you may experience a tightening sensation and tenderness when your braces are adjusted. Patients generally feel very little discomfort throughout their treatment but this can vary from individual to individual. You can take painkillers if you do feel discomfort during treatment.

Lingual braces may initially take some getting used to, with speech sometimes being affected because of the position of the brackets near the tongue. However, patients do adapt to this, and their speech quickly returns to normal.

Most likely, you will need to visit your orthodontist every six to eight weeks to have your internal lingual braces adjusted, although if your treatment is complex you may need more regular adjustments. The wires and elastics will be changed at every visit.

Orthodontic Maters Lucknow offers you invisible Lingual Braces for your smile transformation. Feel free to book a consultation with us and we will be happy to answer your smile related questions.


How do I care for my internal lingual braces?

Just like with conventional braces, some extra attention to home oral hygiene is necessary. Your clinician will show you how to clean your teeth while the braces are in place and will give you some tips on how to look after your internal braces.

You should avoid hard, crunchy or sticky foods as these could cause breakages. If any of the brackets or the wire become loose or are broken, see your orthodontist as soon as possible. You will need to have your braces promptly repaired or replaced so as not to disrupt your treatment or damage your teeth.