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Teeth Cleaning in Lucknow

Teeth cleaning is a process performed by dental professional to remove plaque and calculus around your teeth for a good oral hygiene. Maintenance of good oral hygiene leads to prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis.

We at our Dental clinic in Lucknow beleive that Prevention is better than cure so a professional cleaning by our dentist is recommended once in an year.

Why do we need Teeth cleaning or Scaling?

Our Oral cavity houses many micro-organisms which in the presence of saliva and food release several chemicals. Plaque layer which calcifies into Calculus or Tartar Builds up over a period of time around our teeth.

This calcified layer is the home to bacteria which causes bone loss leading to periodontitis and inflammed gums which bleed on brushing and bad breath from mouth. We cannot remove this calculus by ourselves by brushing as its hard and calcified.

Professional dentists use ultrasonic vibrations from scaling machine and carefully remove this calculus leading to healthy gums.

Does scaling or teeth cleaning makes our teeth weak?

No, On the contrary teeth cleaning removes the calculus which houses the micro-organisms thus leading to more healthier gingiva or gum.

The patient might feel transient sensitivity or movement around teeth as the calculus is removed and gums take time to come back to their position. You can feel a healthy change instantly as the gums become more healthy and pink.

How often should I get teeth cleaning?

It depends upon your oral hygiene status and brushing techniques. The viscosisty of your saliva also affects the rate of formation of plaque and calculus.

It is generally recommed to get a professional cleaning every 6 to 8 months. If you feels that your gums and teeth are healthy then also a checkup by your dentist is a must every year.

Is dental cleaning painful?

Dental cleaning is done with the help of a n ultrasonic scaler which produces vibrations with water spray which removes the hard calculus.If your gums are swollen and bleeding then you might experience slight discomfort .

The dentists usually start some medicine to reduce swelling and inflammation . Also the cleaning is done in shoet sittings according to your convenience.

What is the process of Dental Cleaning?

Oral Prophylaxis or Dental cleaning is a vey common routine dental procedue. First the Dentist inspects your mouth for plaque and calculus. Then the patient is given a betadine rinse to gargle for few seconds.

With the help of modern ultrasonic scalers all the teeth are cleaned and plaque and calculus removed. After proper clening a polishing agent isapplied to polish the teeth.

Polishing makes dental surfaces smooth so there is less chances of plaque formation again. Finally application of Floride to strengthen your teeth. Its a very comfortable and non-invasive procedure with instant results.

Cost of Dental Cleaning Procedure

Depends upon the nature of calculus and gum health.

Basic cleaning charges – Rs 1500

Moderate Calculus – Rs 1800

Heavy Calculus – Rs 2500

Polishing of teeth- Rs 900

Deep Gingival Curretage- Rs 2700