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Teeth Whitening

Everyone desires a set of perly white teeth which adds a dazzle to your smile. Teeth whitening is a process by which your natural shade of teeth is improved by application of certain materials.

The color of teeth depends upon various factors such as genetics, environmental, professional, food consumption and habits.

Teeth get discolored due to age, poor oral health, due to high floride intake in diet and habits such as paan masala eating and smoking.

Why choose Teeth Whitening?

Whiter, brighter teeth can improve the aesthetics of a smile, make you look younger or help you look your best for a special occasion. Quick, easy, affordable and non-confronting, teeth whitening is the least invasive way to improve your smile and one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available.

With age and use natural teeth loose their lusture due to various types of habits like taking coffee, tea, smoking and consuming paan masala and gutka.

The yellow color of teeth can be due to intrinsic factors like fluoride discoloration due to excess of fluoride intake and extrinsic factors like tea, coffee, paan masala, gutka, smoking etc.

Teeth whitening systems uses mild bleaching agent which is applied on your teeth and in the presence of special activating system whitens your system by six to eight shades.

To get rid of the stains and to brighten up your smile we have a chair side teeth whitening procedure.If you have an important function like marriage or engagement, our teeth whitening system gives you instant white smile in an hour.


In-Chair Teeth Whitening

At our Dental Clinic in Lucknow, we use best quality materials to suit your needs and expectations. This one-hour in-chair whitening procedure combines a patented whitening gel with the unique blue LED lamp.

After this treatment, your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter, helping to reverse stains and discoloration from food, drinks and ageing.

During the procedure your dentist will apply a rubber shield and liquid latex to protect your gums, and will then apply the advanced whitening gel to your teeth in 15 minute intervals for a total of 60 minutes.

The main benefit of in-chair teeth whitening is the immediacy of results – a significant change in whiteness is seen within a short period of time. The entire procedure takes upto 2 hrs and is very convenient for the patient.

Tooth whitening advantages

  • Fast and convenient
  • Non invasive
  • Whitens teeth to many shades
  • Even, consistent teeth whitening
  • Low sensitivity
  • Safe, comfortable and effective
  • Performed by a trained Dental Professional


What are the caused of tooth Discoloration?

There are two types of tooth discolouration: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic discolouration : Discoloration that are confined to enamel and caused by dietary factors like tea, coffee, turmeric, smoking, chewing paan masala, gutkha stains.

People who eat paan masala have reddish brownish stains on their teeth which are highly unsightly. Teeth whitening improves the color of teeth and extrensic stains to give you aesthetic smile

Intrinsic discolouration: They are discolorations involving enamel and dentin such as Floride stains, Tetracyclin stains, enamel opacities etc .

Sometimes an injury to teeth can cause teeth blackening due to pulp decay. Intrinsic stains or discolorations such as yellow teeth due to Florosis do not bring very good results with teeth whitening but some improvement is expected.

Can I have teeth Whitening?

The dentist will examine your teeth and gum health and enamel structure. If you are already experiencing some teeth sensitivity the teeth whitening is not good for you as it involves a bleaching agent as it can further aggrevate teeth sensitivity.

If you have Porcelain veneers or crowns in many teeth in front region then its very difficult to match shades after whitening.If you have poor oral hygiene and periodontitis then you are notgood candidate for teeth whitening.

Can Paan masala stains be removed with Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening involves application of a bleaching agent which is activated by specific intensity light to brighten your shade.

Paan masala stains which are extrensic can be removed with teeth whitening procedures. If you are a long tem paan masala chewer with severe stains or intrensic stains the teeth whitening brings moderate results. If you chew paan masala after teeth whitening then the color change will not last longer

Can yellow teeth be treated with teeth whitening?

the color of teeth depends upon your genetic makeup and environmental factors such as diet. For people living in areas having high Floride intake in water Dental Florosis or yellowish teeth is a common problem.

Some shade correction can be done with teeth whitening but in case of florosis the results acheived are moderate. If yellowing of teeth is due to poor oral hygiene and plaque then teeth whitening can give you amazing results.

How long does teeth whitening lasts?

with proper oral hygiene and care teeth whitening can last upto an year. If you take large amounts of tea coffee and turmeric in your diet then teeth whiteming results may not last longer.

Also if you are a paan masala chewer or smoker then the results cannot be retained for long.

What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

We at Lucknow Dental beleive in providing best quality oral health at affordable cost. We use the best quality materials for long lasting results.

Teeth whitening costs depends upon the type of stains, the discoration of teeth and the shade improvement desired. It can range from Rs 10000 – 12000 per arch.